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Literacy Connections: Elevating reading, writing, and comprehension in the music classroom
  1. Click Song-Based Lessons under the LESSONS Menu to the left of the Teacher Dashboard
  2. As an example, select the Flight of the Bumblebee lesson from the far right
  3. Click LAUNCH to explore
  4. Use the NEXT button to find “The Never-Ending Story of Bob the Bee”
Song Library: Over 1,100 songs with a variety of corresponding activities
  1. Click ClassPlay on the Teacher Dashboard
  2. Click Search All Songs or select a specific category
  3. Type a title in the search field OR use Selection Criteria to search for specific elements
  4. Select a song and click LAUNCH!
  5. Select an activity and use the NOTES as a guide!
Resource Library: Easily search over 6,500 engaging resources
  1. Click Resource Manager on the Teacher Dashboard
  2. Type a search term in the Library
  3. Click any resource for a Preview of the activity
  4. Drag and drop into a folder in your Resource Manager on the right of the screen or click LAUNCH to try it out for yourself

Not sure where to start? Enter “beat” and click the magnifying glass to sear

Song-Based Lessons: Tools inspired by Kodály, Orff, and Music Learning Theory
  1. Click Song-Based Lessons under the LESSONS Menu to the left of the Teacher Dashboard
  2. Select a Grade Level to navigate to a specific lesson
  3. Select a lesson and click LAUNCH
  4. Use the NEXT button to explore the process-driven instruction in each lesson
STEAM Projects: Integrating music with other core subjects

The Quaver Curriculum is packed with projects and activities to integrate in STEAM learning. Check out our 6th grade Science of Sound project to explore waveform, frequency, amplitude, reverb, sound synthesis and sound production in a fun and interactive way!

  1. Click Quaver Curriculum in the top left corner of the Teacher Dashboard
  2. Use the Grade Level and button to navigate to the 6th Grade Curriculum
  3. Use the Project buttons to navigate to the Science of Sound project
  4. Select a lesson and click LAUNCH
Printable Resources: Unlimited rights to download and print sheet music, worksheets and more
  1. Click Quaver Curriculum in the top left corner of the Teacher Dashboard
  2. Use the Grade Level and Lesson Block buttons to navigate to a specific lesson
  3. Select a lesson and click WORKSHEETS!
  4. Select a printable from each lesson’s unique list and click OPEN to view in a new window
  5. Also check out the PRINTABLES activity in any ClassPlay song hub for more downloadable sheet music!
One-to-One Devices: Student activities for every screen and surface
  1. Click Student Interactives on the Teacher Dashboard
  2. Select a category
  3. Select an Activity and click LAUNCH
  4. Students can access these same activities via any computer or tablet device!

Quaver Resource Descriptions

Explore the list below for a full picture of the teaching resources available with a Quaver Curriculum license:



216 Quaver Curriculum Lessons full of interactive elements and fully-developed PDF lesson plans for a 36-week school year. Lessons are packed with singing, moving, playing instruments, interactive elements for every screen and surface, and serious fun for students and teachers.

Launch the Resource

Song-Based Lessons


Quaver’s Song-Based Lessons help teachers develop students’ musical knowledge and skills using tools and techniques inspired by the Kodály, Orff, and Music Learning Theory approaches to music education. Each lesson revolves around a folk song or theme and includes interactive screens to engage the entire class while also providing opportunities for student-directed learning.

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Quaver Choral Resources


Quaver Choral Resources will provide elementary music specialists with quality choral resources and pedagogical support for vocal instruction in grades 3 through 5. Our choral lessons will teach a breadth of musical concepts, vocal techniques, and transferable skills, that will take singers from elementary vocal music into middle school choir and beyond.

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ClassPlay is our interactive song resource library with more than 600 traditional, folk, world, classical, holiday, patriotic, and original songs. ClassPlay also houses songs for teaching recorder, ukulele, keyboard, and Orff instruments, and includes options for various rhythm counting methods, keys, tempos, and method-specific activities for Kodály, Orff and many other teaching approaches!

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Resource Manager


The Resource Manager is home to a searchable Library of over 6,500 resources and powerful customization functionality that allows you to rearrange, adapt, or extend Quaver Curriculum Lessons.

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Custom Curriculum Builder


Our Custom Curriculum Builder makes it easy to access and manipulate custom content created at QuaverMusic.com. Teachers can sequence their lessons in a variety of ways, combining Quaver Lessons, Song-Based Lessons, and own Custom Lessons for a super personalized look at their Curriculum!

Launch Custom Curriculum Builder



Essentials is home to topic-based Online Quaver Classrooms full of teaching resources (worksheets, music tracks, quizzes, songs and Interactive Whiteboard Activities) that correspond to our 30 high-energy episodes.

Launch Essentials

World Music


Quaver’s World Music helps you introduce students to songs and cultures from around the world with an interactive map, song lists for each continent, and an in-depth exploration of 15 percussion instruments.

Launch World Music

Bach's Brain


Bach’s Brain is home to short, memorable video vignettes that connect music with real life skills through the lives of history’s greatest composers. Each vignette includes an interactive quiz to assess class comprehension.

Launch Bach's Brain

Student Interactives


Student Interactives are web-based activities for student devices that complement Quaver teaching content. They can be accessed by any mobile web browser and work on both iOS and Android devices, as well as laptop computers.

Launch Student Interactives

Teacher Administration


Teacher Administration makes it easy to organize and track student activity, distribute and collect customized assignments electronically, see auto-graded assessments appear instantly in your GradeBook, and much more!

Learn about Teacher Admin Tools

Quaver PD


With an online curriculum comes online support. Help.QuaverMusic.com is home to interactive professional development modules, tech help, and 24/7 online support.

Launch Help Site

Quaver Musicals


The Quaver Curriculum includes 4 fully-developed musicals for students in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade. With everything you need built right into your Curriculum, teachers and students will be ready for lights, camera, and action in no time!

Launch Quaver Musicals

Teacher Toolbox


Quaver’s Teacher Toolbox is a treasure trove of extra elements to utilize in the classroom, helping teachers enhance every lesson with engaging activities. All Teacher Toolbox IWB Activities are compatible with SMART Board, Promethean, and other interactive whiteboards – or with a computer/projection screen.

Launch Teacher Toolbox



QuaverBooks are engaging digital books that include interactive content and are accessible to teachers and students from any computer or mobile device. These fast-paced digital books touch on everything from Classical composers and Madrigal singers to modern Folk music, Blues, Jazz, Country, and much more!

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Featured Resources


With four releases every calendar year, Quaver teachers are regularly introduced to new content and functionality. Our Featured Resources Menu makes it easy to digest what’s new and find it within the Quaver Program. A selection of six featured resources is regularly rotated to keep teachers informed, educated, and excited about the latest updates to QuaverMusic.com.

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